Fourth generation efficiency

Fourth party logistics – only for the really big players? Not at all. As a medium-sized company, you can also optimise your supply chain. We work as an independent supply chain management provider to develop and implement a logistics solution tailored to you. Using the latest technology and drawing on our experts’ experience, we handle all of your logistics tasks and provide valuable additional services. That way, you can focus on what matters most: your customers.


Having an efficient supply structure shouldn’t just be a priority from an operational perspective but from a strategic one too. After all, the aim is to stay competitive and maintain good customer relations – in other words, your future depends on it.

We first undertake an in-depth analysis of your current flow of goods. We review your processes, locations, transport operators, lead times, costs for inventory, storage and transport, as well as tonnage and other parameters. We then uncover your optimisation potential and, together with you, define your new goals and how they can be implemented and measured. Last but not least, we show you how these services will be executed and coordinated. We package all of this together in a solid logistics concept, which is designed for our future partnership.


A concept is only as good as its implementation. That is why we fully implement your new logistics solution – for you, for your customers and for third parties. The core decisions are still left to you, of course, such as what raw materials you buy and where you buy them, where you manufacture your product and in which markets you operate.

Implementing your custom solution may include adjustments to your operative and IT processes. It is also not impossible to rule out organisational changes. We help you clarify this transformation and assist with training and monitoring. We proceed step by step, optimising existing processes in partnership with you. This is how we think of our continuous improvement program.


The more international and digital your operations are, the greater the number of countries, partners and systems are involved, increasing your need for specialist knowledge and technologies. Seated in our cockpit are skilled forwarding specialists who direct and monitor the daily routine of your new logistics system.

These experts compile your transport, warehouse and inventory orders, ensure arrangements with the most appropriate transport operators, receive customer feedback and report any potential for improvement based on ongoing operations. We are your point of contact for logistics queries and 1st level support. In the cockpit, we are at the controls of a cutting-edge ERP system, which we can connect to your software landscape if necessary. Shipment status and goods visibility is available 24/7.

Freight Settlement

This service makes us stand out as experts when it comes to the fine print, because this in particular can land you with unnecessary extra costs and effort.

As part of freight settlement, we provide detailed invoicing to our customers and carefully monitor the settlements of all logistics service providers. Furthermore, we provide evaluations of your key indicators for informative reporting. You also benefit from industry services. For example, we will undertake a risk assessment of your logistics chain and provide you with the appropriate transport insurance. In the event of damage or loss, we will handle the entire claims settlement and coordinate the insurance-related parties such as insurers, forwarding agencies, shipping companies and air carriers.